*If you or any of your fellow guests are in need of any disability accommodations, email with your name, needs, and the presentations you’ll be attending.

Workshops at a Glance

Thursday, September 29th
9:30 a.m.–10:45 a.m. Breakout I

  1. Accessibility, Culture, and Healing (click here for more info!)
    Danisa Farley, Violence Free MN & Natasha Kingbird, Northwest Indian Community Development Center

  2. Targeted Illness Management & Recovery in Supportive Housing (click here for more info!)
    Steve Carlson, Psy.D, Center for Practice Transformation

  3. An introduction to state programs and staff working to address homelessness and housing instability across the state (click here for more info!)
    Maia Uhrich & Lauren Ryan, MN Department of Human Services

  4. Cultural Strategies in Action (click here for more info!)
    LeAnn Littlewolf, American Indian Community Housing Organization

  5. How to Speak Harm Reduction (click here for more info!)
    Warren Duncan, People Incorporated

  6. Leading Resilient Teams (click here for more info!)
    Russ Turner, People Incorporated Training Institute

  7. Putting Queer Youths’ Safety Before Adult Discomfort (click here for more info!)
    Kathy Hermes, Lutheran Social Service

  8. Innovative Shelter Models in Greater Minnesota (click here for more info!)
    Angela Larson, United Community Action Partnership, & Amber Holmstrom

1:45 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. Breakout II

  1. Rise Up. Reflect. Show Up. Connect. (click here for more info!)
    Jordon Johnson, Life House

  2. Housing Stability at the core of systems work – intersectionality among systems (click here for more info!)
    Amy Stetzel, The Corporation for Supportive Housing

  3. Stable Homes Stable Schools: A Housing and School Stability Partnership (click here for more info!)
    Charlotte Kinzley & Joshua Lang, Minneapolis Public Schools

  4. Working with Sexually Exploited and Trafficked Youth (click here for more info!)
    Ed Morales, Hennepin County & Michelle Seymore, Michelle Seymore Consulting

  5. Legal Strategies to House Persons with Barriers in Their Background: Lessons Learned (click here for more info!)
    Tim Thompson & Shana Tomenes, Housing Justice Center

  6. Meet the Client Where They’re At: Then What? (click here for more info!)
    Russ Turner, People Incorporated Training Institute

  7. Housing Advocacy: Search for Shelter and the Affordable Housing Design Award (click here for more info!)
    Ben Ptacek, DJR Architecture, Inc.

  8. Shelter Based Medical Respite (click here for more info!)
    La’Quadra Neal & Cassandra Nelson, Our Saviour’s Community Services

3:15 p.m. – 4:30 p.m. Breakout III

  1. Trauma Informed Practices (click here for more info!)
    Warren Duncan, People Incorporated – Saint Paul, MN

  2. Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) Affordable Housing comes in innovative housing solutions (click here for more info!)
    Jon Lovald, Minnesota Assistance Council for Veterans & Jamie Stolpstad

  3. Empathy’s Double-Edged Sword – How Caring for Others Helps, Hurts and Heals and Strategies for Balance (click here for more info!)
    Laura Harder, Happy With Work, LLC

  4. Homelessness in Minnesota Public Health Data: Using Existing and Emerging Data to Guide Action (click here for more info!)
    Deepa McGriff, Minnesota Department of Health

  5. Implementing a Plan to Advance Housing, Racial, and Health Justice for People Facing Homelessness (click here for more info!)
    Elizabeth Dressel & Cathy ten Broeke, Minnesota Interagency Council on Homelessness

  6. Primary Care in Encampments (click here for more info!)
    Kat Donnelly, St Paul Healthcare for the Homeless/MN Community Care

  7. Regional Expert Network Breakout Session (Details to come!)

  8. Setting the Table to End Homelessness (click here for more info!)
    Heather West, Stable Housing is the Priority Collaborative (SHiP), & Laquita Love-Limo, SMAC

Friday, October 8
9:30 – 10:45 Breakout IV

  1. Task Force on Shelter (click here for more info!)
    Julie Jeppson, Stepping Stone Emergency Housing, & Kristina Krull, Management Analysis & Development

  2. Minnesota Department of Health Breakout (more details to come!)

  3. How can we stay grounded in our values while we work and advocate together? (click here for more info!)
    Tammy Moreland, Minnesota Tribal Collaborative & a panelist from each of the 6 tribes

  4. Partnering and Supporting People who Use Drugs (click here for more info!)
    Kyle Lipinski, LADC LPCC & Morgan Weinert, MN Community Care

  5. Transform yourself, your organization, and your community! The 4 C’s to Vibrant Living (click here for more info!)
    Sandy Hennum, Village of Hope

  6. Trauma Across Generations: the impact of Historical Trauma on disability and aging (click here for more info!)
    Samuel Simmons, Jr. Samuel Simmons Consulting

  7. A Home of Ones Own-Finding and Sustaining Housing for Adults With Disabilities (click here for more info!)
    Ellen Baudler & Bethany Schwerr, The Arc Minnesota

11:00 a.m.–12:15 p.m. Breakout V

  1. Grant Writing from a Funder’s Perspective (click here for more info!)
    Katelyn Warburton & Andrea Simonett, Office of Economic Opportunity, Department of Human Services

  2. When We Lose Our Fear They Lose Their Power (click here for more info!)
    Nicque Mabrey, Emma Norton Services & Jonathan Orr

  3. Childhood trauma, addiction, homelessness and ultimately recovery (click here for more info!)
    Ryan Rasmussen The Other Side of Recovery

  4. Moral injury in the helping profession (click here for more info!)
    Michelle D Seymore, Michelle D Seymore Consulting & Ed Morales, Socorro Consulting

  5. Trauma-Informed Community Partnerships (click here for more info!)
    Emily Fulton-Foley & Jennifer Williams Toth, Northfield Union of Youth

  6. Youth Homelessness and the and the fight against Health Inequities (click here for more info!)
    Khalique Rogers, Good Riddance

  7. Garnering Support for Supportive Services: Legislation that Works (click here for more info!)
    Nancy Nord Bence, Beacon Interfaith Housing Coalition

1:45 p.m.–3:00 p.m. Breakout VI

  1. Navigating the Unnavigable – Minnesota’s Mental Health and Substance Use Crisis System (click here for more info!)
    Roger Meyer, East Metro Crisis Alliance

  2. Stabilizing informal “chosen family” hosting for youth facing homelessness (click here for more info!)
    B. Rosas & Charlie Barba-Cook, CloseKnit

  3. Meeting them where they are at: Understanding the needs of people experience unsheltered homelessness (click here for more info!)
    Michelle Gerrard, Wilder Research & David Katzenmeyer, People Inc. Mental Health Services

  4. Housing Stabilization Services: What’s working, what needs to work better, and what are the necessary next steps to increase housing opportunities for Minnesotans (click here for more info!)
    The Corporation for Supportive Housing, MESH, North Star Policy Consulting and Ei-Consulting

  5. Simplification as a sustainability strategy (click here for more info!)
    Laura Craig, Hearth Connection

  6. Want to end youth homelessness? Start with Fosters (click here for more info!)
    Elena Leomi & Hoang Murphy, Foster Advocates

  7. Barriers to Housing Stability: Addressing Inequities through Services & Advocacy (click here for more info!)
    Lorna Schmidt, MPH & Shannon Lowe, MSW, LICSW, LADC, Catholic Charities of St. Paul & Minneapolis