Coffee Chats

This year at the annual conference MCH will be holding several coffee chats facilitated by advocates & experts in the effort to end homelessness. These casual conversations are fun, casual opportunities to connect with others in the field, discuss what you’ve experienced throughout your work and help build a sense of community.

Coffee Chats will take place from 8:30 a.m. – 9:15 a.m. on Friday, October 8th. This year’s conference will have five different coffee chat topics to choose from, and you can find that information below:

1. Trans Equity in Shelter & Housing

Facilitated by Courtney Cochran & Jordon Johnson

While 11% of Minnesotans experiencing homelessness identify as LGBTQ+, many spaces that claim to be trans-inclusive do not go far enough in providing safe environments for trans folx. Join us in this coffee chat to discuss the importance of and practical steps towards actively creating safe and inclusive space for trans folx in shelter and housing.

2. Engaging People with Lived Experience in Decision Making

Facilitated by Erica Valliant

People with lived experience are essential in providing the insight that allows us to make effective change in the effort to end homelessness. Join us in this coffee chat for an opportunity to discuss the importance of putting people that have lived experience with homelessness at the forefront of decision making and what it looks like to do so.

3. Self-Care & Community Care in Advocacy

Facilitated by Haley Wireman-Sobba

In a field of work that can often be mentally and emotionally demanding, exercising proper self-care is crucial to avoiding burnout. Join us in this coffee chat to discuss the importance of proper self-care and community care in advocacy, and ways we can take care of ourselves and each other to better help the people we serve.

4. Person-First Storytelling: Doing Justice to the People you Serve

Facilitated by Annemarie Eayrs

It is vital to lift up the stories of people that have lived experience with homelessness, but doing so in an ethical way can be trickier than people think. Join us in this coffee chat to learn best practices for helping people with lived experience tell their own stories.

5. Leaders of Color in Advocacy: a BIPOC-Only Space**

Facilitated by Kevin Williams

Join us for a special coffee chat designed to connect BIPOC leaders and advocates from across Minnesota. This coffee chat has been created to be a safe space for our BIPOC leaders to provide support to each other and have a healing conversation about navigating these professional spaces and building community.
Note to White allies: please show your support by keeping this coffee chat a special space and time just for BIPOC folks.

We look forward to seeing you in these coffee chats!