Regional Hubs/Scholarships

Regional Hubs

MCH is able to offer limited scholarships for individuals who have experienced homelessness to attend the MCH Annual Conference. These scholarships are made possible because of the full network of organizers and individuals that make up the Regional Hubs Network, and because of our generous sponsors. The Regional Hubs are tasked with informing and educating individuals in their region about the scholarships, determining who is able to attend, and creating a transportation plan with the scholarship attendees. We are grateful for these partnerships with individuals across the state that create a space for the wisdom and expertise of those with lived experience. Thank you to our amazing Regional Hubs for all of your hard work!

Churches United for the Homeless Northwest/West CentralGinny Stoe
Grace House NortheastRon Oleheiser
SWMHP SouthwestJennifer Lamb
MN Valley Action Council SoutheastKate Hengy-Gretz
MN Tribal CollaborativeTammy Moreland
Mile in My Shoes RamseyMonica Nilsson
House of Charity HennepinGeoffrey Meyer