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Workshops at a Glance

Thursday, October 7
9:30 a.m.–10:45 a.m. Breakout I

  1. Transitional Housing Program and its Elevation to End Housing Instability (Click to read more)
    Annie McCabe and Hibo Ali, MN Office of Economic Opportunity

  2. Community Housing and Services Innovations to Reduce and Prevent Homelessness (Click to read more)
    Michelle L. Wincell O’Leary, Touchstone Mental Health
    (Click here for this session’s PowerPoint presentation)

  3. Understanding Peer Recovery Support (Click to read more)
    Justin McNeal, Minnesota Recovery Connection; Julie Vena, Recovery Alliance Duluth

  4. Tailoring Services to the Strengths and Needs of LGBTQ+ Youth and Adults Experiencing Homelessness (Click to read more)
    Michelle Decker Gerrard, Wilder Foundation; Ryan Berg, Avenues for Youth

  5. Opening the Door: The role of Screening Practices used by Landlords and Where they Need to Change (Click to read more)
    Timothy Thompson and Shana Tomenes, Housing Justice Center; Eric Gustafson, Family Housing Fund

  6. Trauma Informed Care: Supporting Whole Family Systems on the Path to Liberation (Click to read more)
    Nicque Mabrey and Erica Valliant, People Serving People

  7. Voices from the Street (Click to read more)
    Rich Gehrke and Taylor McClung, Lutheran Social Services

1:45 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. Breakout II

  1. Legislative Advocacy for Systemic Change (Click to read more)
    Anna Odegaard and Sarah Miller, Minnesota Asset Building Coalition

  2. General Assistance and Supplemental Aid: Two Programs You should know More About (Click to read more)
    John Petroskas, Minnesota Department of Human Services
    (Click here for this session’s PDF presentation)

  3. Foster Care: A Critical Piece of the Homelessness Puzzle (Click to read more)
    Hoang Murphy and Elena Leomi and lived-experience leaders, Foster Advocates
    (Click here for this session’s PDF presentation)

  4. Moral Injury, Homelessness, and Human Services (Click to read more)
    Michelle Seymore, Michelle Seymore Consulting

  5. All Hands on Deck: Strategies for Mobilizing Resources for Quick Response to Crises (Click to read more)
    Angela Larson, Heather Jeseritz and Michelle Jensen, United Community Action Partnership
    (Click here for this session’s PDF presentation)

  6. Our Emerging Leaders: Elevating Youth Voices (Click to read more)
    Jordon Johnson, Life House

  7. Finding Home: Housing Challenges facing the Transgender Community (Click to read more)
    Nate Cannon, Public Speaker

3:15 p.m. – 4:30 p.m. Breakout III

  1. Housing Support: New Eligibility and Access (Click to read more)
    Maia Uhrich, Minnesota Department of Human Services
    (Click here for this session’s PDF presentation)
  2. Attacking the Issue from the Inside: Preventing and Ending Homelessness within the Corrections System (Click to read more)
    Kate Erickson, Minnesota Department of Corrections
    (Click here for this session’s PDF presentation)

  3. Safety & Stability: Meeting Clients at the Intersection of Homelessness, Chemical Dependency, and Domestic Violence (Click to read more)
    Sarah Busch, Maura McGarry, Elsa Swenson, and Princess Kisob, Missions, Inc.
    (Click here for this session’s PDF presentation)

  4. Critical Consciousness: A Pathway to Understanding the Issues, Process the Concerns and Resolve Together (Click to read more)
    Raj Sethuraju, Metropolitan State University

  5. Native History & Indigenous Solutions (Click to read more)
    Justin Vorbach and Daryl Olson, American Indian Community Housing Organization; LeAnn Littlewolf, Northland Foundation
    (Click here for this session’s PowerPoint presentation)

  6. A Glimpse of What Could Be: Outreach Reflections From Ramsey County On Homelessness and the Shelter System During the COVID-19 Pandemic (Click to read more)
    James Weaver, Radias
    (Click here for this session’s PDF presentation)

  7. Meeting Them where They are at: Understanding the Needs of People Experiencing Unsheltered Homelessness (Click to read more)
    Michelle Decker Gerard, Wilder Foundation; David Katzenmeyer, People, Inc.

Friday, October 8
9:30 – 10:45 Breakout IV

  1. Bringing it Home, MN: Taking Action to End Housing Instability for All (Click to read more)
    Kizzy Downie, Model Cities; Rinal Ray, People Serving People

  2. Navigating Corporate and Nonprofit Partnerships (Click to read more)
    Kristen Rosenberger, Greater Twin Cities United Way; Sarah Radosevich, General Mills
    (Click here for this session’s PDF presentation)

  3. Outbreaks, Outreach and Better Outcomes: The State of HIV in Minnesota (Click to read more)
    Abbey DeLisle, Lutheran Social Services; Sue Purchase, Harm Reduction Sisters; Kathy Hermes, Lutheran Social Services

  4. Bending Toward Justice: Ending Homelessness as the Pursuit of Housing, Racial, and Health Justice (Click to read more)
    Eric Grumdahl, Elizabeth Dressel, and Cathy ten Broeke, Minnesota Interagency Council on Homelessness
    (Click here for this session’s PDF presentation) (Click here for this session’s Mentimeter)

  5. Chosen Family Justice: Addressing Barriers and Engaging Landlords to Resource Hosting Arrangements with a Youth’s Natural Supports (Click to read more)
    Helina Haile, CloseKnit; Brenda Pritchard, Hope 4 Youth; Jacqueline White, CloseKnit

  6. A Safe Place for All Youth (Click to read more)
    Christina Woodlee and Warlance Miner, Bridge for Youth

  7. Low Barrier Homeless Shelter: The Highs and Lows (Click to read more)
    Kim Randolph, Deb Holman and Joel Kilgour, CHUM

11:00 a.m.–12:15 p.m. Breakout V

  1. First Year Population Trends and Provider Influenced Improvements to Housing Stabilization Services (Click to read more)
    Mark Caldwell and Jensina Rosen, Department of Human Services

  2. Sacred Settlements: A Community First Approach to Homelessness (Click to read more)
    Gabrielle Clowdus, Settled Collective

  3. Emerging and Evolving through Homelessness in Indian Country (Click to read more)
    Tammy Moreland, Minnesota Tribal Collaborative
    (Click here for this session’s PowerPoint presentation)
  4. Emergency Shelter and the Law (Click to read more)
    Ben Weiss, Southern Minnesota Regional Legal Services
    (Click here for this session’s PowerPoint presentation)

  5. It’s OK To Call Us Queer And Other Things To Know About Us (Click to read more)
    Kathy Hermes, Lutheran Social Services Duluth

  6. Disrupting the Cycle of Intergenerational Homelessness (Click to read more)
    La’Kisha Hollmon-Griffin and Christina Woodlee, Bridge for Youth

  7. The Revolving Door Effect: Motivation and Burnout in Homeless Services (Click to read more)
    Laura Harder, Happy With Work, LLC

1:45 p.m.–3:00 p.m. Breakout VI

  1. Challenges and Opportunities: The Emergency Housing Voucher Program (Click to read more)
    Michele Smith, Department of Housing and Urban Development
    (Click here for this session’s PowerPoint presentation)

  2.  Update on Ongoing COVID-19 Vaccination and Prevention Measures (Click to read more)
    Josh Leopold and Blair Harrison, Minnesota Department of Health
    (Click here for this session’s PowerPoint presentation)

  3. Families Living in the Crisis of Poverty: A Guide to Moving Beyond a Livable Wage into a Career Pathway (Click to read more)
    Martha Thomford and Joseph Schaber,  Workforce Development

  4. Opioid Overdose Prevention and Response Training (Click to read more)
    Laura Phelps, Streetworks

  5. From NIMBY to YIMBY, Yes in my back yard! (Click to read more)
    Molly Jalma and Sara Fleetham, Listening House
    (Click here for this session’s PDF presentation)

  6. Olmsted County’s Collaborative Response to Covid 19 (Click to read more)
    Mary O’Neil and Trent Fluegel, Olmsted County Housing Department

  7. Meeting Youth Where They Are At: The Evolution of Outreach Programming  (Click to read more)
    Christina Woodlee and Amanda Zagelbaum, Bridge for Youth