See you on September 17&18 in Rochester, MN!

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Workshops at a Glance

Tuesday, September 17
9:30 a.m.–10:45 a.m. Breakout I
  1. Housing stability in rural Minnesota: Preserving 515 properties and rental assistance in Greater Minnesota
    Room: Suite 112
    Elizabeth Glidden, Minnesota Housing Partnership (MHP); Margaret Kaplan, Housing Justice Center
  2. New Services to Support Housing
    Room: Suite 113
    Mark Caldwell, Department of Human Services – Housing Division; Bekah Kaufenberg-Satre, Department of Human Services – Housing Division
  3. Minneapolis Navigation Center – Lessons Learned
    Room: Suite 114
    Marian Wright, Simpson Housing Services; Wendy Wiegmann, Simpson Housing Services
  4. “Getting to know your CoC (and getting the most out of it!)
    Room: Riverview Room A
    Loni Aadalen, Ramsey Continuum of Care Coordinator; Jennifer Prins, River Valley Continuum of Care; Carla Solem, West Central Minnesota Continuum of Care Coordinator
  5. Empowering Youth Leadership Models to Address Homelessness and Social Injustice
    Room: Riverview Room B
    Beth Holger, The Link; James Lewis, The Link
  6. Insights from Envision Community: Co-designing with Patients for Health Equity
    Room: Riverview Room C1
    Bill Walsh, Hennepin Health System, Upstream Health Innovations; Dewayne, Rome, Freddy, Junail, and Sherry, Street Voices for Change
  7. Mile in My Shoes: running together to change perceptions and change lives
    Room: Riverview Room C2
    Monica Nilsson, Mile in My Shoes
  8. Partnering with Minnesota’s Tribal Nations
    Room: Riverview Room D1
    Minnesota Tribal Collaborative
  9. Bringing System Support and Services to the Street: A Comprehensive and Collaborative Approach to Street Outreach Services
    Room: Riverview Room D2
    John Tribbett, St. Stephen’s Human Services; Casey Holstrom, St. Stephen’s Human Services
11:00 a.m.–12:15 p.m. Breakout II
  1. The Wall of Forgotten Natives: Lessons learned from the Franklin Hiawatha Encampment. Creating a response during Crisis, Chaos, and Conflict
    Room: Suite 112
    Patina Park, Minnesota Indian Women’s Resource Center
  2. Addressing the Elephant in the Room; Understanding Unconscious Bias and how it impacts decision making
    Room: Suite 113
    Valerie Jensen, Azon Consulting
  3. Trauma-Informed Screening for Domestic Abuse and Housing Protections for Survivors
    Room: Suite 114
    Nicole Mourgos, Southern Minnesota Regional Legal Services; Meghan Maes, Southern Minnesota Regional Legal Services
  4. Your Cultural Lens: Engaging Communities with Cultural Self-Awareness
    Room: Riverview Room A
    Janice Barbee, Healing Roots
  5. Reflections from the Field: A Guide to Working with Sexually Exploited Youth
    Room: Riverview Room B
    Lindsay Arf, Olmsted County; Mollie Kolb, Olmsted County
  6. MN Homeless Study Workshop: Using 2018 Data to Inform Service and Policy Decisions
    Room: Riverview Room C1
    Brian Pittman, Wilder Research
  7. You Can’t Prevent What You Can’t Count: Finding the Homeless in Minnesota’s Mortality Data Systems
    Room: Riverview Room C2
    Terra Weins, Minnesota Department of Health
  8. Making your Organization and LGBTQ+ inclusive and Affirming Environment
    Room: Riverview Room D1
    Andrea Simonett, MN Dept of Human Services; Annie Wells, St. Stephen’s Human Services

12:30 p.m.–1:30 p.m.  – Lunch, Annual Awards Presentation in the Arena 

1:45 p.m.–3:00 p.m. Breakout III
  1. Beyond a Bed: Supporting Informal Hosting Arrangements for Youth Facing Homelessness
    Room: Suite 112
    Jacqueline White, CloseKnit; Cindy Ley, Open Doors for Youth
  2. From Outreach to Housing
    Room: Suite 113
    David Katzenmeyer, People Incorporated/Outside-In; Alan Ostergaard, Radias Health/Outside-In
  3. Identifying the Experience of Homelessness for Individuals in the Corrections System and the Journey to Solutions
    Room: Suite 114
    Kate Erickson, Minnesota Department of Corrections; Katelyn Warburton, Minnesota Department of Human Services; Marcel Urman
  4. Solace
    Room: Riverview Room B
    Jennifer Lamb, Southwest Minnesota Housing Partnership; Cassandra Sassenberg, Nicollet County Human Services
  5. Addressing Suicide Risk in Homeless and Veteran Populations- Public Health and Practical Approaches
    Room: Riverview Room C1
    Kelsey Place, LICSW Minneapolis VA HUD VASH Program; Larisa Breid, LICSW Minneapolis VA HUD VASH Program
  6. How one man’s dream to change started in his community and expanded to beyond Mille Lacs Reservation
    Room: Riverview Room C2
    Colin Cash, Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe
  7. Violent Deaths among the Homeless in Minnesota
    Room: Riverview Room D1
    Terra Wiens, Minnesota Department of Health
  8. Welcome Home! Collaborating across Difference for Equitable Housing and Inclusive Community-Building
    Room: Riverview Room D2
    Marnita Schroedl, Marnita’s Table
3:15 p.m.–4:30 p.m. Breakout IV
  1. Maximizing Landlord Relationships
    Room: Suite 112
    Warren Duncan,  Hearth Connection; Keith Nance, Ujamaa Place
  2. Criminal Background: How much does it matter to housing success?
    Room: Suite 113
    Jessie Hendel, CommonBond Communities; Sarah Koschinska, Project for Pride in Living; Dustin Mackbee, CommonBond Communities; Annie McCabe, CommonBond Communities; Joseph Schmid, CommonBond Communities
  3. Partnering with schools to support children and youth experiencing homelessness
    Room: Suite 114
    Jennifer Prins, River Valleys CoC; Melissa Brandt, Rochester Public Schools
  4. Extending Power Sharing into Housing and Homeless Intervention Practices
    Room: Riverview Room A
    Jennifer Horton, The Link; 2 Youth Advisory Members and 2 Case Management Staff, The Link
  5. Navigating the Domestic Violence Housing Experience through the Lens of an Immigrant Survivor
    Room: Riverview Room B
    Rachel Kohler, Standpoint; Traci Thomas-Card, Standpoint
  6. Supporting young children in accessing early care and education
    Room: Riverview Room C1
    Stacia Rosas, MN Department of Human Services; Sandy Myers, MN Department of Education; Akemi Mechtel, MN Department of Human Services
  7. Best Practices Working with Safe Harbor Youth
    Room: Riverview Room C2
    Kate LePage, Lutheran Social Services;  Nick Riba, Bureau of Criminal Apprehension
  8. How proactive culturally capable mental health services meet the challenges of communities of color experiencing housing and economic insecurity and the change-makers that serve them
    Room: Riverview Room D1
    Carl Young, Increasing Life Chances 4 You; Linda Roberts, Increasing Life Chances 4 You
  9. Centering Power in Community to Advance Intersectional Solutions
    Room: Riverview Room D2
    Leah Gardner, Hunger Solutions; PH Copeland

5:00 p.m.–6:30 p.m.  – zAmya Performance with Q&A

Wednesday, September 18
9:30 a.m.–10:45 a.m. Breakout V
  1. Current Trends in Affordable Housing Research
    Room: Suite 112
    Gabriela Norton, Minnesota Housing Partnership
  2. Overview of key findings from the 2018 Homeless Study: discussion of characteristics, trends, and what’s new
    Room: Suite 113
    Michelle Gerrard, Wilder Research
  3. Connecting Homelessness and Food Justice: Strategies for improving food security and housing security through interconnected strategies
    Room: Suite 114
    Adam Pine, University of Minnesota Duluth
  4. Leveraging Earned Media for Advocacy
    Room: Riverview Room A
    Amanda Horner, Catholic Charities and Homes for All  Communications Co-Chair
  5. Changing how homeless families are served in Dakota County – Blending private and public funding for diversion, prevention and landlord engagement
    Room: Riverview Room B
    Terri Lazaretti, Dakota County; Madeline Kastler 
  6. How Your Congressional Office Can Help With Housing
    Room: Riverview Room C1
    Katie Kottenbrock, U.S. Senate; Osman Ahmed, U.S. Senate
  7. Changing Outcomes for Child Welfare Involved Families who are Housing Unstable
    Room: Riverview Room C2
    Leah Lindstrom Rhea, CSH; TBD
  8. Policy Practice Among NASW-MN Members
    Room: Riverview Room D1
    Magdelena Unger, Augsburg University
  9. Working together and working differently with Public Housing Authorities to create change and increase housing stability for the lowest-income Minnesotans
    Room: Riverview Room D2
    Amy Stetzel (CSH); Bryan Hartman (Bloomington HRA); Tina Johnson (MPHA); Brandon Crow (MPHA); Julie Grothe (Guild Inc.), Sue Speakman Gomez (HousingLInk), Nicole Randall (St. Louis Park HRA), Eric Gustafson (Family Housing Fund).

11:00 a.m.–12:15 p.m.  – Keynote Presentation in the Arena
12:30 p.m.–1:30 p.m.  – Lunch in the Arena
1:30 p.m. – 1:45 p.m. – Check out the Exhibitor Showcase in the Arena

1:45 p.m.–3:00 p.m. Breakout VI
  1. Aging in Community: The Impact of Elder Homelessness
    Room: Suite 112
    Melea Blanchard, Catholic Charities
  2. Creating Lasting Change and Ending Homelessness with Community Engagement – Lessons from Heading Home Dakota
    Room: Suite 113
    Rebecca Bowers, Dakota County; Jean MacFarland, Chair, Heading Home Dakota Community Engagement
  3. Homework Starts with Home: Building Collaborations to End Student Homelessness
    Room: Suite 114
    Eric Grumdahl, Minnesota Office to Prevent and End Homelessness
  4. Developing Grant Proposals that Make Our Programs Shine – Improving the Competitiveness of Rural Programs
    Room: Riverview Room A
    Becky Schueller, NW Minn Continuum of Care
  5. It’s OK To Call Us Queer And Other Things To Know About Us
    Room: Riverview Room B
    Kathy Hermes, Lutheran Social Service

3:30 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. – Heading Home Leadership Circle Meeting