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Workshops at a Glance

Tuesday, September 17
9:30 a.m.–10:45 a.m. Breakout I
  1. Housing stability in rural Minnesota: Preserving 515 properties and rental assistance in Greater Minnesota
    Room: TBD
    Elizabeth Glidden, Minnesota Housing Partnership (MHP); Margaret Kaplan, Housing Justice Center
  2. Bringing System Support and Services to the Street: A Comprehensive and Collaborative Approach to Street Outreach Services
    Room: TBD
    John Tribbett, St. Stephen’s Human Services; Casey Holstrom, St. Stephen’s Human Services
  3. Minneapolis Navigation Center – Lessons Learned
    Room: TBD
    Marian Wright, Simpson Housing Services; Wendy Wiegmann, Simpson Housing Services
  4. “Getting to know your CoC (and getting the most out of it!)
    Room: TBD
    Jennifer Prins, River Valley Continuum of Care; Other Continuum of Care Presenters TBD
  5. Empowering Youth Leadership Models to Address Homelessness and Social Injustice
    Room: TBD
    Beth Holger, The Link; James Lewis, The Link
  6. Insights from Envision Community: Co-designing with Patients for Health Equity
    Room: TBD
    Bill Walsh, Hennepin Health System, Upstream Health Innovations; Dewayne, Rome, Freddy, Junail, and Sherry, Street Voices for Change
  7. Mile in My Shoes: running together to change perceptions and change lives
    Room: TBD
    Monica Nilsson, Mile in My Shoes; Mile in My Shoes participants TBD
  8. New Services to Support Housing
    Room: TBD
    Mark Caldwell, Department of Human Services – Housing Division; Bekah Kaufenberg-Satre, Department of Human Services – Housing Division
11:00 a.m.–12:15 p.m. Breakout II
  1. The Wall of Forgotten Natives: Lessons learned from the Franklin Hiawatha Encampment. Creating a response during Crisis, Chaos, and Conflict
    Room: TBD
    Patina Park, Minnesota Indian Women’s Resource Center
  2. Making your Organization and LGBTQ+ inclusive and Affirming Environment
    Room: TBD
    Andrea Simonett, MN Dept of Human Services; Annie Wells, St. Stephen’s Human Services
  3. You Can’t Prevent What You Can’t Count: Finding the Homeless in Minnesota’s Mortality Data Systems
    Room: TBD
    Terra Weins, Minnesota Department of Health; Melissa Heinen, Minnesota Department of Health
  4. Your Cultural Lens: Engaging Communities with Cultural Self-Awareness
    Room: TBD
    Janice Barbee, Healing Roots
  5. Reflections from the Field: A Guide to Working with Sexually Exploited Youth
    Room: TBD
    Beth Yotter, Olmsted County; Mollie Kolb, Olmsted County
  6. MN Homeless Study Workshop: Using 2018 Data to Inform Service and Policy Decisions
    Room: TBD
    Brian Pittman, Wilder Research
  7. Trauma Informed Screening for Domestic Abuse and Housing Protections for Survivors
    Room: TBD
    Nicole Mourgos, Southern Minnesota Regional Legal Services; Meghan Maes, Southern Minnesota Regional Legal Services
  8. Coordinated Entry Assessment Tool/Process Improvement
    Room: TBD
    Jiyoung Choi and Coordinated Entry Prioritization Assessment Tool (CEPAT) Work Group
  9. Addressing the Elephant in the Room; Understanding Unconscious Bias and how it impacts decision making
    Room: TBD
    Valerie Jensen, Azon Consulting

12:30 p.m.–1:30 p.m.  – Lunch, Annual Awards Presentation in Lake Superior Ballroom

1:45 p.m.–3:00 p.m. Breakout III
  1. How one man’s dream to change started in his community and expanded to beyond Mille Lacs Reservation
    Room: TBD
    Colin Cash, Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe
  2. The Stepping Stone Way
    Room: TBD
    Julie Jeppson, Stepping Stone Emergency Housing
  3. Identifying the Experience of Homelessness for Individuals in the Corrections System and the Journey to Solutions
    Room: Gooseberry TBD
    Kate Erickson, Minnesota Department of Corrections; Katelyn Warburton, Minnesota Department of Human Services
  4. From Outreach to Housing
    Room: TBD
    David Katzenmeyer, People Incorporated/Outside-In; Alan Ostergaard, Radias Health/Outside-In
  5. Solace
    Room: TBD
    Jennifer Lamb, Southwest Minnesota Housing Partnership; Cassandra Sassenberg, Nicollet County Human Services
  6. Addressing Suicide Risk in Homeless and Veteran Populations- Public Health and Practical Approaches
    Room: TBD
    Kelsey Place, LICSW Minneapolis VA HUD VASH Program; Larisa Breid, LICSW Minneapolis VA HUD VASH Program
  7. Beyond a Bed: Supporting Informal Hosting Arrangements for Youth Facing Homelessness
    Room: TBD
    Jacqueline White, CloseKnit; Cindy Ley, Open Doors for Youth
  8. Violent Deaths among the Homeless in Minnesota
    Room: TBD
    Terra Wiens, Minnesota Department of Health; Melissa Heinen, Minnesota Department of Health
3:15 p.m.–4:30 p.m. Breakout IV
  1. Best Practices Working with Safe Harbor Youth
    Room: TBD
    Kate LePage, Lutheran Social Services;  Nick Riba, Bureau of Criminal Apprehension
  2. “Navigating the Domestic Violence Housing Experience through the Lens of an Immigrant Survivor”
    Room: TBD
    Rachel Kohler, Standpoint; Traci Thomas-Card, Standpoint
  3. Welcome Home! Collaborating across Difference for Equitable Housing and Inclusive Community-Building
    Room: TBD
    Marnita Schroedl, Marnita’s Table
  4. Partnering with schools to support children and youth experiencing homelessness
    Room: TBD
    Jennifer Prins, River Valleys CoC; Melissa Brandt, Rochester Public Schools
  5. Extending Power Sharing into Housing and Homeless Intervention Practices
    Room: TBD
    Jennifer Horton, The Link; 2 Youth Advisory Members and 2 Case Management Staff, The Link
  6. Criminal Background: How much does it matter to housing success?
    Room: TBD
    Annie McCabe, CommonBond Communities; TBD
  7. Supporting young children in accessing early care and education
    Room: TBD
    Stacia Rosas, MN Department of Human Services; Sandy Myers, MN Department of Education
  8. Maximizing Landlord Relationships
    Room: TBD
    Warren Duncan,  Hearth Connection; Keith Nance, Ujamaa Place
  9. How proactive culturally capable mental health services meet the challenges of communities of color experiencing housing and economic insecurity and the change makers that serve them
    Room: TBD
    Carl Young, Increasing Life Chances 4 You; Linda Roberts, Increasing Life Chances 4 You

6:00 p.m.–9:00 p.m.  – Social Hour Events

Wednesday, September 18
9:30 a.m.–10:45 a.m. Breakout V
  1. Current Trends in Affordable Housing Research
    Room: TBD
    Laura Proescholdt, Minnesota Housing Partnership; Gabriela Norton, Minnesota Housing Partnership
  2. Overview of key findings from the 2018 Homeless Study: discussion of characteristics, trends, and what’s new
    Room: TBD
    Michelle Decker Gerrard, Wilder Research
  3. Changing how homeless families are served in Dakota County – Blending private and public funding for diversion, prevention and landlord engagement
    Room: TBD
    Kristin Bates, Dakota County; Terri Lazaretti, Dakota County
  4. Leveraging Earned Media for Advocacy
    Room: TBD
    Amanda Horner, Catholic Charities and Homes for All  Communications Co-Chair
  5. Connecting Homelessness and Food Justice: Strategies for improving food security and housing security through interconnected strategies
    Room: TBD
    Adam Pine, University of Minnesota Duluth
  6. How Your Congressional Office Can Help With Housing
    Room: TBD
    Katie Kottenbrock, U.S. Senate; Osman Ahmed, U.S. Senate
  7. Changing Outcomes for Child Welfare Involved Families who are Housing Unstable
    Room: TBD
    Leah Lindstrom Rhea, CSH; TBD
  8. Policy Practice Among NASW-MN Members
    Room: TBD
    Magdelena Unger, Augsburg University
  9. Working together and working differently with Public Housing Authorities to create change and increase housing stability for the lowest-income Minnesotans
    Room: TBD
    Amy Stetzel, CSH; Julie Grother (Guild Inc.), Terri Smith (Metro HRA), Sue Speakman Gomez (HousingLInk), Nicole Randall (St. Louis Park HRA), Eric Gustafson (Family Housing Fund), Bryan Hartman (Bloomington HRA)

11:00 a.m.–12:15 p.m.  – Keynote Presentation
12:30 p.m.–1:30 p.m.  – Lunch
1:30 p.m. – 2:00 p.m.  – Break (Check out the Exhibitor Showcase)

2:00 p.m.–3:15 p.m. Breakout VI
  1. Developing Grant Proposals that Make Our Programs Shine – Improving the Competitiveness of Rural Programs
    Room: TBD
    Becky Schuller, NW Minn Continuum of Care
  2. PERFORMANCE: A Prairie Homeless Companion
    Room: TBD
    zAmya Theater Project, (Maren Ward, Director)
  3. Creating Lasting Change and Ending Homelessness with Community Engagement – Lessons from Heading Home Dakota
    Room: TBD
    Rebecca Bowers, Dakota County; Jean MacFarland, Chair, Heading Home Dakota Community Engagement
  4. It’s OK To Call Us Queer And Other Things To Know About Us
    Room: TBD
    Kathy Hermes, Lutheran Social Service
  5. Aging in Community: The Impact of Elder Homelessness
    Room: TBD
    Melea Blanchard, Catholic Charities
  6. Homework Starts with Home: Building Collaborations to End Student Homelessness
    Room: TBD
    Eric Grumdahl, Minnesota Office to Prevent and End Homelessness
  7. Workplace Mortgage – Everything a nonprofit employee needs to know to become a happy home owner
    Room: TBD
    Cliff Morse, US Bank